About Us

SUBHASH AHUJA, Post-Graduatein science from Delhi University, a Delhi businessman, very passionate about cinema since childhood, ventured into films in early eighties with a Punjabi film ‘MATA DA DARBAR’, a very successful film. Soon after this Punjabi film, businessman got over the creative man, keeping him busy with his business until 2010, when the film bug started biting him again.

At the age 62, it needed lot of courage to think of shifting to Mumbai, that
too for films, but hats off to his wife Savita, who has always been alongside him on every occasion. Without her support, it would never have been possible where he is today, fulfilling his long cherished dreams. She has
always stood like a rock behind him on anything and everything, which
makes him happy.

At his age, when most people think of retirement and look forward to getting some life time achievement awards, he may perhaps be the only one in the Film Industry who left his home, shifted to Mumbai and Kolkata, to venture into films.

Having sacrificed his successful business and comforts of life behind, he shifted to Mumbai in Feb 2012 to fullfill his dreams. During his stay of one year in Mumbai, he acted in various movies, TV Serials, ads and
documentaries. His famous ad was with Ms. Farah Khan for IPL 2013.


After having acted in various films, TV serials and ads, he shifted to Kolkata in 2013 and produced his first Bengalifilm ‘ORAJNOITIC NOY’ , releasing it successfully in December 2013.

After his 1 st production, the bug of acting, writing and directing started biting him and hence “KAAMDEV TO KARRMYOGI” happened, releasing it successfully in May 2015 in both Bengali and Hindi.

Digitization, which was progressing at a slow pace since 2010, suddenly took over film industry and
changed everything overnight. Single screen theatres started shutting down and releasing of a small film
at multiplexes became unthinkable, making it difficult for small makers to survive, making him shift back
to Delhi in 2015.
In 2017, ‘BACHCHE JEEVAN KI ASHA’, a short film on the plight of senior citizens in India by their children happened, which is likely to be released soon worldwide.

Presently having six channels on YouTube under the following names and links:
1. Esskay Entertainment https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCkxzACwQ4OO2ZB2LF9v4PA?view_as=subscriber
2. Esskay Hungama
3. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu7WGX_HH2dezRZLIEHOmpA view_as=subscriber

4. Esskay Bhakti
5. Esskay Media
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbMMjO79aAJVTCFQPvV-gbg view_as=subscriber
6. Esskay Bangla
7. Esskay CrimeZone
Our above channels have lacs of subscribers and millions of viewership on daily basis.